Frangiamore: The future from a long history

The pleasure of the unusual, stolen from the good taste and transformed in pure beauty.

The sign of a  simple and essential line, materialized in the perfection of the gold lines, intensified by brilliance.
Reflections vaporized, in iridescent crossing of diamonds or the revival of black diamond, newly discovered as an alternative beauty.
Classic themes and successful combinations of colours as Rubies, Sapphiries, Topaz, Tourmaline, Quartz, Amber, Pearls and Corals.
A graceful and youthful  line designed by Frangiamore, a new brand of  jewelry in gold and silver to follow. 
Since 1897 our range of jewels are designed and made in Italy by three generations of jewelers in Pordenone, our history and professionalism is a guarantee of authenticity, quality and elegance.
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