Our Emeralds come from uniquely from Colombia and Zambia. 

The Colombian Emerald is the most expensive thanks by his intensity of colour ( green ) while The Zambia's Emerald is a little bit cheaper than the Colombian because the colour is lighter.


Generally, gemstone-quality corundum in all shades of red, including pink, are called rubies,in the United States, a minimum color saturation must be met to be called a ruby, otherwise the stone will be called a pink sapphire.

Our Rubys come from Mogok Valley in Upper Myanmar, that are called Pigeon' s Blood for the intensity of the colour, but we use also Rubys that come from Africa and India.



The color of fine blue sapphires may be described as a vivid medium dark violet to purplish blue where the primary blue hue is at least 85% and the secondary hue no more than 15%, without the least admixture of a green secondary hue or a gray mask.

That' s why we use only Sapphires that come from Kashmir.




Fire opals are transparent to translucent opals with warm body colors of yellow, orange, orange-yellow or red. They do not usually show any play of color, although occasionally a stone will exhibit bright green flashes. The most famous source of fire opals is the state of Querétaro in Mexico; these opals are commonly called Mexican fire opals. Fire opals that do not show play of color are sometimes referred to as jelly opals. Mexican opals are sometimes cut in their ryholitic host material if it is hard enough to allow cutting and polishing. This type of Mexican opal is referred to as a Cantera Opal. There is also a type of opal from Mexico referred to as Mexican Water Opal, which is a colorless opal which exhibits either a bluish or golden internal sheen. 

" The common Opals " have a milk White Colour while the " The Blue Ocean Opals " whose are very rare a milk  come from South Australia.

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